Chinese and Foreign Students New Year Gala 2017

2016/12/28 10:52

  On the evening of December 31st,2016, Chinese and Foreign Students New Year Gala, which hosted by School of International Education and co-organized by Students' International Exchange Association(SIEA) was held at CUC Lecture Hall.

  Peng Jun,Vice Dean of the School of International Education gave the welcome speech and new year blessings.

  The party attracted a large number of students from many countries and regions participating registration, Chinese students from mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions have also presented their wonderful shows. The opening was a song performed by CUCA A.M. Everybody held breath to listen carefully.


Party in the warm atmosphere came to a close, abbreviating the gap between the Chinese students and foreign students . Everyone said he/she had a pleasant and memorable night.

  New Year Gala is a good way of solidifying friendship between Chinese students and foreign students, also reflecting the excellent achievements of our university education internationalization strategy.


Written by Yang Jiawen

Edited by Cao Wanchen