Majors for undergraduate Programs 2017

2016/11/18 10:46

Faculty/School Major Type
Faculty of Journalism & Communication Journalism General
Communication (Media Market Research and Analysis ) General
Internet and New Media(Media creative) General
Communication General
School of Advertising Advertising General
Internet and New Media(New media network) General
Public Relations General
Visual Communication Design(Advertising Design) Art
Faculty of Economics and Management Business Administration Category( Business Administration, Marketing [Branding management],Accounting) General
Economics Category(Economics[Media Economy]、International Economy & Trade[International Culture Trade]) General
Cultural Industry Management (Film and Television Producing Management,Cultural Brokerage) General
Administrative Management General
Information Management and Information System General
Faculty of Literature & Law International Chinese Language Education General
Chinese Language(Applied Linguistics ) General
Chinese Language and Literature General
Jurisprudence General
Faculty of Science and Technology Communication engineering General
Communication engineering(Wireless Multimedia Broadcasting Technology) General
Radio and Television Engineering General
Electronic Information Engineering General
Automation (Performing Arts Projects and Stage Technique) General
Digital Media Technology General
Network Engineering General
Information and Camputation Science General
Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering General
Computer Science & Techology (Technology and Application of Big Data) General
Information Security General
Software Engineering(Mobile Internet) General
Faculty of Arts Radio and Television Editing and Directing (Art Directing) Art
Literature of Theatre,Film and Television Art
Theatre,Film and Television Directing Art
Performing Art Art
Film and Television Photography & Production Art
Theatre,Film and Television Art Design Art
Animation Art
Animation (3D-Animation and Special Effects) Art
Digital Media Art Art
Digital Media Art (Game Design) Art
Musicology Art
Musicology(Electronic-Acoustic Music Production) Art
Music Performing (Vocal Performing) Art
Recording Art(Acoustics Directing) Art
Recording Art(Recording Engineering) Art
Digital Media Technology(Game Design Technique) General
School of Presentation Art Presentation Art Art
School of International Studies English General
Translation General