Registration and Tuition Fee Payment

2012/01/25 16:47

International students should come to International Students’ Office for registration on the date specified on the Letter of Admission. If you cannot register on that date, you need to inform the International Students’ Office in advance. Otherwise your student status will not be reserved.
Below is the procedure of registration:
·           Submit the original copies of the following documents to International Students’ Office for verification: Passport, Letter of Admission, Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (JW201 or JW202 form), and Physical Examination Report.
·           Pay tuition fee at the Financing Department.
·           Buy insurance at the International Students’ Office.
·           Start the procedures of Visa or Residence Permit application.
·           Submit 6 pieces of 2-inch photos with white or blue background (write your name and nationality behind each photo).
·           Apply for dormitory at International Center using the Accommodation Form issued by International Students’ Office.
·           Register at the department of your study using the letter issued by International Students’ Office.
All students except language students must pay tuition fee for the whole school year. The rates are as below:
Language Student ¥8000 /Semester    ¥16000 /School Year
Undergraduate Student with Chinese Language and Literature Major ¥21200/School Year
Other Undergraduate Student ¥24000 /School Year
Master’s Student ¥27000 /School Year
Ph.D. Student ¥30000 /School Year
The Financing Department takes all UnionPay debit and credit cards opened in Mainland China. Students can also wire transfer from foreign accounts to the account of CUC:
Beneficiary: Communication University of China
Bank Account: 02 0000 3809 0880 05906
Opening Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Balizhuang Branch, Chaoyang District
In additional comments, write your name, nationality and the words “tuition fee”.