Heading to CUC

2012/01/29 16:44

After arriving at Beijing Capital Airport, the most convenient way to reach CUC is by taxi. The distance is approximately 30km, and the cost is around ¥100.
You may also take express rail from the airport to reach Sanyuanqiao (三元桥)Station of subway. CUC is on subway Batong Line (八通线)at Communication University of China (传媒大学)Station. It takes approximately 2 hours and several transfers to reach CUC. You need to take Line 10 from Sanyuanqiao (三元桥)Station to Guomao (国贸)Station, then take Line 1 from Guomao (国贸)Station to Sihui (四惠) Station, then take to Batong Line (八通线)from Sihui (四惠) Station to Communication University of China(传媒大学)Station.
CUC is connected to Bus Line 731,342,382 and Yuntong(运通) 111 at Dingfuzhuang (定福庄)Station near its Northern Gate, and to Bus Line 728 and 312 at Bangzijing(梆子井) Station near its Southern Gate.