Undergraduate Prospectus of Chinese Language and Literature for Overseas Students

2016/01/18 12:36

(Fall Semester, 2016)
Communication University of China (CUC) is one of China’s major universities of “Project 211”, directly under the supervision of the State Ministry of Education. Located in the east part of Beijing, CUC occupies 463,600 square meters.
With a 60-year-history,CUC has made such a great contribution to the national business of radio and television that it has gained the fames --- “a cradle of China’s radio and television talents”. As the discipline evaluation results of 2012 State Ministry of Education showed that the subject Journalism & Communication and Drama Film & Television of CUC ranked the first, and Art Theory and Designing ranked top 10.
So far, there have been 4 faculties, 1 Center of Cooperative Innovation, 5 institutes directly under the university. Now, there are nearly 15,000 full-time students in the CUC, including over 9,000 undergraduates, more than 4,000 candidates for doctor and master degrees, and nearly 15,000 students in programs of continuing education.
CUC has established cooperative relationships with over 200 universities, research institutes, and media institutions in different countries and regions.
Ⅰ Application Requirements
Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with valid passport or 4 years or above verification of nationality, and with over 2 years living aboard records (9 months in a year living aboard can be considered as 1 year which is subject to the entry & exit stamp) in recent 4 years (before April 30th of every academic year), between 18 and 35 years of age, with high school diploma or higher academic degree certificate, and good academic record. Communication University of China warmly welcomes international students who respect Chinese customs, and obey Chinese laws and University regulations. Applicants for majors in science should demonstrate a certain level of knowledge in mathematics and physics.
Ⅱ The introduction of undergraduate project
Classes Duration of study Requirements Examination
Undergraduate students Four years No requirement Entrance examination
Transferred undergraduate students Two years The New HSK level-4 (or higher level) Certificate interview
No New HSK level-4 (or higher level) Certificate Entrance examination (paper test and interview)
1. The duration is four years for the undergraduate students. If you cannot finish on time, you can apply for an extension (up to two years) and pay extra money.
 2. The duration is two years for the Transferred undergraduate students. You have to study here at least two years. If you cannot finish on time, you can apply for an extension and pay extra money.
       3. Transferred students who entered in the middle of the term must take mid-term assessment which is the HSK(lever 5)after one year study. If the grade was qualified, then one could continue to pursue further education; if not which means the test scores less than 180 points, then one should retake the first year curriculum, and also should pay extra tuition fees.
4. If you finish your study and pass the New HSK-6 examination, the bachelor degree of will be granted.
Online Application Time and Procedures
Time: From January 1st to June 30th
l  Log on the website to register on the Internet, and upload photos and application materials first.
l  “Application Form for Foreign Students”, which is automatically generated by the online registration system after confirmation, please download the“Warranty Letter” at the same time, the“Warranty Letter” shall be signed by the guarantor or affix one's seal.
l  Pay application fee on the Internet.
l  Wait for the qualification examination and admission.
Please note:
All application fees are non-refundable.
‚Please double check your application information before submission. Once you submit it, the document cannot undergo changes.
   ƒPlease keep a record of your application username and password for future exam and enroll results query. No enquiry service is available at the School of International Education.
ⅣOnline Application Materials
l  “Warranty Letter”.
l  Photocopy of high school diploma (or a Certificate of Expected Graduation), and original copy of high school transcript.
l  New HSK level-4 (or higher level) Certificate and an original copy of transcript. (Except students who be taught in Chinese during high school)
l  One Recommendation Letter with school seal.
l  Photocopy of passport (front page and visa page) and residential permit if available.
l  Other materials to demonstrate the applicants’ talents.
l  For those who have changed their nationalities from Chinese into others, please follow the provisions of “the Ministry of Education Foreign Students Education〔2009〕No.83” and provide the following documents:
①Naturalization Certification;
②Certification for Chinese Household Registration Cancellation;
③Copy of Passport’s entry and exit signature/stamp pages for the last four years;
④Proof of overseas education experience for the last four years (from April 30th, 2011 to April 30th, 2015) In addition, for those who was born overseas and holding a foreign nationality, please provide your birth certificate.
Please note:  You should provide all the original documents of the above materials on registration day and all the application materials will not be returned.
Ⅴ Contact Information
Contact person: Ms Zhang(E-Mail:                            
Address:       International Students Office
             School of International Education
             No.30 building
              Communication University of China
              No.1 DingFuZhuang East Street, ChaoYang District, Beijing, 100024
              P.R. China
Tel:           +86-10-6577-9359        Fax:   +86-10-6578-3578
Ⅵ Bank Account Information
Beneficiary: Communication University of China
Bank Account: 11001018700053028370-0002
Opening Bank: Dingfuzhuang Branch, Chaoyang District, Beijing
             China Construction Bank
Swift Code: PCBCCNBJBJX (In additional comments, write your name, nationality and the words “tuition fee”.)
Ⅶ Entrance examination for Chinese Language and Literature
  Applicants in China should come to Communication University of China for an interview at any one of those following two times:
1:00-4:00 PM. March 25, 2016
or 1:00-4:00 PM. May 20, 2016
  Overseas applicants who cannot take the interview should submit video materials before March 15, or May10, 2016 according to the interview’s content.
Tel for information: +86-10-6577-9359
Please note:
l  All the applicants should come to the designated classroom of CUC for your interview on time.”.
l   Please wait for further notice about getting your “Examination Admission Ticket”. Bring your passport and “Examination Admission Ticket”.
l  Please strictly obey the rules of the interview, be in proper dress, and no smoking around the exam room Applicants should leave the classroom immediately after the interview, and should not stay to discuss Violators will be disqualified.
l  All the expenses for the examination should be afforded by the applicant.
If there are any changes, please log on for latest information.
Ⅷ Admission Procedures
For applicants of the Chinese language and literature, the University will decide upon the admission based on HSK grades, application materials and the admission quota of each major.
Admission result comes out in 2 weeks. It will be available at the webpage of School of International Education.
The "Letter of Admission" will be issued 2 weeks after the publicationof the admmion result to applicants’ addresses on their application forms.
We will send you the "Letter of Admission" by mail according to the information the application offered in the online system.
Ⅸ Accommodation
The admitted students can apply for dormitory at International Center and the No. 37 building in person with "Letter of Admission" after registration.
The type of rooms and rates for international students are as follows:
Hostel’s Name Room Type Rate(For those who stay over 1 month) Remarks
International Center With balcony Double room ¥50/person/day Independent toilet. Public kitchen & laundry room
Single room ¥100/person/day
Without balcony Double room ¥45/person/day
Single room ¥90/person/day
No.37 Building Without balcony Double room ¥40/person/day Public Independent toilet, Public kitchen & laundry room
Single room ¥80/person/day
l  For international students who stay less than one month, the rates are different to the above prices.
l  You can also live outside campus, please make sure the lease procedures are complete and legal and apply for the “Temporary Residence” at the local police station on time.
Ⅹ Fee
Application fee: General Major ¥ 600
Tuition fee:  ¥21,200 per year
Please Note:
l  Tuition fee is not refundable.
l  Tuition fee does not include fee for books and other learning materials.
l  International students should pay tuition fee for one school year at one-time.
Q &A: which grade shall I choose?
Q: If I never learned Chinese before, which grade shall I choose?
A: The first grade (with the interview)
Q: If I have passed the New HSK level-4( or higher level) examination, which class shall I choose?
A: “The Transferred undergraduate students” (with the interview)
Q: If I didn’t get the certificate of the New HSK level-4( or higher level), which class shall I choose?
A: The undergraduate students” (with the entrance examination and interview)